Branding of Cafe Yardena- the most beloved and authentic Cafe

“Cafe Jordana” in Tiberias was founded in 1980 and from the first moment, it won the hearts of the residents of the area with its nostalgic taste. Jordana Coffee believes that the love put into coffee in the creation process affects its authentic and special taste. Summer, winter, spring and autumn, sad, happy or neutral – there will always be a place for a coffee and a pastry that we bought at “Cafe Jordana” because “it doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes to the heart”
Jordana H. 1982

When I approached the branding of “Cafe Jordana”, I made up my mind about the values of the business and its image. The business is a private commercial with one branch. However, it is the most loved by the residents of the area because without a doubt its authenticity and nostalgia alongside its refreshing taste and kind and loving service make up a favorite and winning recipe of values.

The negativ logo
The logo

The color palette chosen for branding reflects the great values of Jordana Coffee:

The color palette chosen for branding reflects the great values of Jordana Coffee: dark brown – symbolizes coffee and the heat of love.
Rosedred – sweet and male cordiality to Jordana h. The founder of the cafe.
Blue – freshness, joy and the sky of hope. The magic touch of the Jordan River.
Beige – the authenticity, nostalgia and simplicity of warm-hearted kindness.

As part of the design language, I created filling models (patterns) with which and according to their principles the various Jordana Coffee products are designed.
The first filling model includes the “Jordan Coffee” symbol and various coffee beans – large and small, scattered on the surface organically.

The additional fill patterns are symmetrically arranged and create common nostalgic patterns of the 1980s.

“Cafe Jordana” was completely decorated. The cups, the sugar bags, the waiters’ aprons, the menu, etc. all received the design that will convey to customers, even new ones, the same experience of sipping the coffee served with a loving smile Miranda H. in 1980.

Recently, Jordana Coffee is launching a series of products based on the unique taste of the cafe. With the aim of allowing even those far away to enjoy and enjoy, to relax and be happy. Just as Jordana wanted and wished.

In conclusion, the next time you visit the north, don’t forget to stop by Jordana Cafe for a nostalgic and refreshing experience that the residents there experience every day. And if you didn’t get to visit, wait for the moment when the new product series hits the shelves.

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