"UI UX Design For Sport App "Sportner

“Sportner” is a great app for finding new partners to train together.

Project Overview

The Problem Todey, many people spend their time working in large buildings. Hours upon hours are enough to wear their bodies. Actually, they want to do sport but they don’t know how to find a partner to train together. 

The Solution  An app that finds matches of partners between these people and connects them. The app is called “Sportner”- sport+partner.

Target Audience People in the ages of 20-60 who work in big buildings.

User Research

I started the project off by doing qualitative research. I asked hi-tech workers to answer the survey I built. I wanted to get their perspective and understand their needs. Through my research and from the final survey results, I realized and found what is important for my target audience in the process of finding a partner. Later, it became the base of the UX design.

Pensona and User-Flow

With all the insights I've gathered from my research, I moved forward and started creating persona for the user. This allowed me to understand his needs and pain points, which helped inform my user flow better.

I started working on the wireframes next. I created the screens that detailed the process. I questioned myself a lot along the way, making sure that my user flow made sense when translated into the wireframe design.


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